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Welcome here. Professionally I am a Civil Engineer from India working in a construction company. I started this site to share my Quotes worldwide.  Writing Quotes is not my daily routine, but I must say I am a deep thinker and I can’t stop my self from thinking deeply.

In Jagannath Quotes I have written about those, which I have genuinely experienced in  my life.

We every people struggle in our life and learn a lot from our mistakes. Yes, everybody knows that but what if we help others who gonna face the same situation again. I started writing many stuffs which remain undiscovered, Then I came to know the power of internet and discovered Jagannath Quotes for my further way of life.

This is the reason why I have created this site.

Every day approx 70,000 thoughts come to our mind including negative thoughts, positive thoughts and many good ideas also. What if we share how to deal with our problems through words.

More about Jagannath Majhi

Well, I love doing social service and former Secretary of Rotaract Club of Keonjhar City. I have participated in more than 50 Rotaract social service projects which fills me up every time.

Also working as an Insurance Advisor in ICICI Prudential.


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I share my daily to daily action by which some one will be influenced by me and will get even more and more above me.

Please let me know if something to be add on this page.